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Renovations Completed

We have now finished the renovation of the condo on the 12th floor, room number 243/401.
That is the unit on the 12th floor with 92 square meters.
In order to provide even more tranquility from exterior noise and sounds we have installed new double glazed windows.
This reduces also the energy consumption to cool down the apartment.

Seaview from the View Talay 6 Condo
To enhance the pleasure of stay and the feeling of sheer purity, we also upgraded the balcony.
The condo now seems even larger, as the entire floor of the living room merges with the floor of the balcony.
The balcony floor is now tiled with the same glossy tiles like the rest of the living and bed room.
It looks extremely elegant.

It seems like a new beachfront condo
The entire sofa with the tea table got a new upholstery.
Nice shiny white, it matches perfectly to the major color theme of this unit.
A full-size mirror enhances each person’s ego, where one can now inspect her- or himself from head to toe.

Extended amenities for coffee lovers
This condo was already fitted with the most of the necessary equipment such as its own drinking water dispenser
(no need to carry heavy water bottles). In the kitchen are now two devices for the coffee lovers.
One is the very traditional American-style filter coffee boiler, as some people like the real traditional style of caffeine rich but mild coffee. The new addition is a Delizio coffee maker which uses the Nestlé type of coffee capsules. Delizio does actually also produce and sell their own coffee capsules and trained all coffee maker sales people to tell you that no other brand of capsules would fit into the machine. Or the other way around, the Nestlé sales people say that only a Nestlé machine can be used with Nestlé capsules. Either statement is actually not correct, as we have in our condos Delizio machines using Nestlé capsules. The reason is simple; there are no Delizio capsules available in Thailand.

Weekly rentals
If you stay at Casa Pascal Condo Suites on a weekly or daily rental base, we provide you the capsules for free,
for long staying tenants, we can provide the source of where to buy the capsules. That would be Boncafé shop in Naklua and / or at our restaurant.

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