Getting a good sleep is a luxury - but oftentimes, a bad pillow is to blame if you just don’t feel comfortable in a bed which is not your own.
That is why Kim & I focus on deeper attention to detail.
We invest on little but great things like better bed linens, super king-sized mattresses that make you feel like royalty, and the most important things is, choosing the best comfortable pillows. ….
Our Luxury Micro Crimp pillows are offered in 3 different variations (firm, comfort, and soft).
Although they feel as if they were filled with goose down or duck down, the micro crimp filling is a revolutionary material that is guaranteed not to cause allergies.

And good to know: After each customer’s check out, we send all our pillows to an outsourced dry-cleaning service!

Tenants’ appreciation comments: 
Dear Pascal,
Love, love, love the new pillows.  Yet another example of why I will be nominating you for the “Best Landlord Award “
Often the small things can make the biggest difference. 
Your attention to details is exemplary.
Much appreciated,